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Greetings from Metagan.

Metagan is a leading IoT (Internet Of Things) innovator & enterprise established in 2015 focused on developing end-to-end connected solutions for modern consumers, SMEs & large enterprises.

More about us

Inspired by digital lifestyle, we provide IoT solutions by reinventing the hardware & software platforms by leveraging native patented technologies & breakthrough open-source technologies.


Empowering the Evolution.

Services offered by Metagan:

Mera™ - Combining creativity, technology and expertise to deliver market-leading solutions.

  • OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer)
  • OPM(Original Product Manufacturer)
  • ODM(Original Design Manufacturer)
  • Enterprise IoT solutions


Centre Of Excellence.

Driving sheer progress with you.

Metagan’s passion to serve a broad spectrum of industries has led to the initiation of an exclusive R&D to focus on developing new generation of enterprise technologies.

Always commited to connecting you and your organisation to tomorrow.

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Why choose Metagan?

Design Thinking

Rethinking business processes & delivering scalable innovative solutions.


Goal-oriented solutions with focus on stability, insights & cost optimization.

Global expertise

Unlimited outreach to our experts in design, technology and manufacturing.